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About SRB Consulting, Inc.
SRB Consulting, Inc., provides Fibre Channel consulting, seminars and training courses for world-class companies in the Mil-Aero market. Fibre Channel has quickly become the new standard as an avionics and weapons systems data bus.

SRB Consulting, Inc., The Beginning

Awhile back there were three guys who had a dream to start a company, produce a great product, then eventually sell out to the highest bidder and become millionaires. On one of their determined searches for venture capital money, the important person they were to meet wanted to know how he would find them in the hotel lobby. He was told to look for the three short round boys. The joke was that the three of them could exchange clothes, they were so close in size. You may have gathered by this description that these guys did not have the coveted "leading man" physique but from this came the inspiration for the name of Gary Warden's present company, SRB Consulting.

Perhaps you have already discerned that, although they came close, the three short round boys were never able to obtain funding for their grand adventure. Out of necessity, then, SRB Consulting was started. Few people ask what the initials stand for, but, if you are one of those who are curious the answer is "short round boys."

Gary Warden is the owner, president and CEO of SRB Consulting, Inc. In order to fill in the financial gap while pursuing the "dream company," SRB Consulting was started in the summer of 1996. The company supported Gary and others through 2003 until Gary became part of another company. Today, SRB Consulting has been resurrected. It is our intention that this rebirth will provide valuable, relevant and state of the art services for our customers.

Gary Warden

Gary Warden is the founder of SRB Consulting, Inc., a training and design firm specializing in Fibre Channel. He is a principal member of SAE working on AS5653/HS1760 and a past member of the NCITS T11.3 and T11.5 committees for Fibre Channel for many years.

Gary has over 30 years experience in high-performance workstation clustering, avionics support systems, crew training systems, and R&D Simulation, as well as commercial real-time network product development. Gary is the co-inventor of SCRAMNet, a successful real-time network protocol used extensively in the DoD Real-Time communities.


Gary has developed many simulation models of Fibre Channel MIL-STD-1553 and Ethernet protocols for specific vendor's products including a detailed model of the Arbitrated Loop Port State machine, disk drives, switches, and hubs using the Foresight modeling language.

In addition to technology training Gary does competitive analysis, technology forecasting, business development, product reviews, proposal preparation, and program management.

Gary is a subject matter expert on the following military and commercial technology specifications:

Gary’s full resume is available here.

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