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Fibre Channel Course Reviews
Here's what are students are saying about our Fibre Channel seminars and courses:

“This was one of the best instructors I have ever had. He was both amusing and a good speaker but also had cutting edge knowledge of the subject.”
– Northrop Grumman engineer

“I attended the subject class this week, Monday-Wednesday. It is the first such class that I felt was worth whatever it cost. Subject matter as technical and dry, as Fibre Channel is, can be a challenge to learn. I think Gary Warden not only knows his subject matter well, he is also able to make the class interesting because he is a good teacher. Anybody can teach but few people have a talent for it that Gary has. Thanks.”
– Charles, Lockheed Martin

“The instructor was able to adjust the flow and organization to match our requirements while covering all of the course as if this class was customized for us. Great job.”
– Northrop Grumman engineer

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