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Fibre Channel Training
The following provides an example of a typical Fibre Channel training course offered by SRB Consulting. Training sessions can be customized to client needs. Click for detailed information on specific seminars.

Fibre Channel Training Agenda

PART 1: Fibre Channel Introduction

1. Where did the Fibre Channel Standard come from?

2. Fibre Channel use in Commercial and DoD Applications

    2.1 Basic Terms

3. Topologies Overview

    3.1 Point to Point
    3.2 Arbitrated Loop
                3.2.1. Arbitrated Loop Hub
                3.2.2. Arbitrated Loop Switch
    3.3 Switch
    3.4 Hybrid Topology
PART 2: Fibre Channel Basics

1. FC-0 Physical level Summary

2. FC-1 Encoding/Decoding


    2.1 8b/10b Encoding/Decoding
    2.2 Fundamentals of Ordered Sets

3. FC-2 Framing Protocol

    3.1 Information Transfer Structure
                3.1.1. Exchanges and Sequences
                3.1.2. Frame Definition
                3.1.3. Flow Control

4. FC-3 Common Services

5. FC-4 Upper Level Mapping to Fibre Channel

PART 3: Topologies

1. Arbitrated Loop Specific Protocols

    101 Loop Access Fairness and Arbitration Protocol
    1.2. Open and Close Loop Protocols
    1.3. BB_Credit Model Flow Control for Loops

2. Fabric Switched Topology

PART 4: FC-4 Support

1. Avionics Data Transport Protocols

    1.1. Anonymous Publisher/Subscriber (ASM)
    1.2. HS 1760
    1.3. 1553 Encapsulation
    1.4. FC-AE RDMA
    1.5. FC-AV
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